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Acute admissions documentation

The project: Redeveloping the admissions process across the hospital to improve the quality of patient information and the speed of entering this information at the admission stage.


  • Reduce the time clinicians spend completing the electronic admissions document
  • Improve the quality of patient information collected on admission
  • More consistent information inputted into the EPR
  • Better quality data leading to better patient care throughout the patient journey


  • Potentially will reduce time spent completing admission documentation from 45 mins to 25 mins

What’s changing?

In partnership with digital design specialists, our electronic patient record development team have introduced new admissions documentation within the patient record.

It was clear that many people were being admitted using inconsistent admissions processes. Documentation was unstructured and not formatted correctly. The time taken by clinicians to complete the admissions document was between 40 and 55 minutes.

So we researched and prototyped a new admissions documentation solution, working with staff throughout the hospital and particularly within the Emergency Department.


Helping staff by

  • Reducing time taken to complete admissions documentation and more time to care
  • Improved quality and consistency of information collected at the point of admission
  • Easy to use documentation
  • Better quality information which can be used from admission through to discharge by everyone
  • Potential to reduce admissions
  • Creates better data for managing patient flow


For patients this means:

  • Better quality of care
  • Better patient experience as more time with clinicians
  • Standardisation of process improves patient safety
  • Quicker admissions process

For the organisation this means:

  • Better patient care
  • Improved information available through the patient journey
  • More information available for discharge process
  • Improved digital maturity


Redesigning the electronic admissions process is also linked to new ward round documentation, rehabilitation and therapy documentation and discharge documentation which have been launched at Salford Royal.

The Electronic Patient Record development team has worked with clinicians to create and redesign the current electronic documentation to enquire it is fit for purpose and is used consistently throughout the organisation.




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