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New Digital Dictation for clinicians

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Problem Statement

  • The Trust digital dictation/voice recognition system (MediSpeech by G2) is end of life

  • The project is to replace this system with G2 SpeechReport.

  • This version wont operate on Windows 7.

What was the solution?

G2 Upgrade - Due to go-live on 14th August 2020 

G2 Speech offers

    • A complete document creation solution with speech recognition,

    • Digital Dictation

    • Workflow management in the medical sector.

    • Numerous health organisations such as GPs, hospitals, health boards, Foundation Trusts, Acute Trusts, Teaching Trusts and Mental Health Trusts use G2 solutions to work more efficiently.

    • SpeechReport will enable you to dictate directly into your EMR, PACS or RIS.

    • Typing is a thing of the past.

    Project Manager - Suzanne Kesteven

    What are the Benefits.

    Increase Productivity

    • Speech recognition streamlines the clinical correspondence process, instantly populating documents, as they are spoken.

    Reduce Costs

    Increase Security

    Greater Efficiency

    • Documents can be created three times faster than when they’ve been typed.

    • Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust tested the difference between digital dictation and speech recognition – they found speech recognition 54% more efficient.

    • Clinicians are now saving vast amounts of time creating correspondence and have more time available for pressing tasks.

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