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New mobile digital solution for kidney patients

A new mobile digital solution for kidney patients to remotely communicate with clinicians, has been launched at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

As a Global Digital Exemplar (GDE), Salford Royal has partnered with Medopad to empower patients with kidney conditions to digitally take care of their conditions.

Medopad has developed a mobile digital solution for Salford Royal patients to remotely inform clinicians of their blood pressure, weight, and medication usage. Patients can also access a wealth of digital resources via an online portal, helping them to better understand their disease and care. 

The clinical team will then use this information to make decisions on how to progress patient care, giving them a clear picture of their patients’ progress, at any time.

The project is currently being tested with a subgroup of 50 patients. Initial responses have been extremely positive, with many patients already using it on a daily basis. Indeed, 75% of all patients approaching the clinic were happy to use the digital tool. 

Consultant Kidney Doctor Jim Ritchie said: “This innovative way of working with our patients is not only empowering the patients to take control of their own healthcare, but it means they can spend more time with their clinician when they visit the unit. It makes it much easier for both patient and our clinical team and we have vital information at our finger tips.”

Alex Gilbert, Partnerships at Medopad, mentioned: 'We think this is an amazing opportunity to work with a truly innovative healthcare provider as well as engage patients to try and assist connected care. Salford Royal has been a truly forward thinking collaborator during this project and we hope that it is the beginning of a long and stable partnership'


About Medopad

Medopad transforms how healthcare providers, doctors and patients connect with each other. The company’s remote patient monitoring apps, mobile technology and advanced analytics unite to deliver a personalised, more efficient care experience.  Headquartered in London, CE approved and FDA registered, we are proud of the prestigious global organisations that use our solutions every day. Clients include NHS trusts, public and private healthcare providers, pharmaceutical organisations, insurers, governments, charities and sporting clubs. An Apple mobility partner, we have global ambitions and have been named a HealthTech unicorn in the making by KPMG.


Twitter: @medopad


About Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Salford Royal, part of the Northern Care Alliance, is one of the top performing NHS organisations in the country, leading to an outstanding rating by the CQC in 2015 – the first in the North of England. It is also the first organisation with integrated acute and community services to earn this rating.

It is now part of the new Northern Care Alliance NHS Group, led by Sir David Dalton with an operating budget of £1.3 billion, providing the benefits of scale through multiple hospital sites and local healthcare services. Salford Royal has already been recognised as the most digitally mature organisation in the NHS, as measured by the NHS England Digital Maturity Index.

As a Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) Salford Royal is on a journey to become an internationally recognised NHS provider, delivering exceptional care, through the use of world-class digital technology and information. This is a key part of the NHS Driving Digital Maturity programme which aims to ensure the NHS is paper free at the point of care.

Salford will also be sharing its learning and experiences to enable other trusts to follow in its footsteps as quickly and effectively as possible and has already partnered with Pennine Acute NHS Trust to share proven models and standard methodologies and processes.

As a GDE, Salford will be working with its partner and Fast Follower Pennine Care within the Northern Care Alliance.

Twitter: @SalfordGDE


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