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Trio of New Initiatives Join Forces to Improve Our Patients' Journey

A NEW test initiative has been launched to speed up the flow of patients through and out of our hospital - and it’s being supported by our home-grown app.

A roving Rapid Review team has been set up to visit all of our wards on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to pinpoint any support that can be offered with delays to flow – either to home or the most appropriate place of onward care.

The information that is captured first-hand from the doctors and nurses attending the review is then fed into our digital health control centre via our troubleshooting TaskMan app for fast-track action.

A typical review one day identified no fewer than 71 issues that needed escalation. All but four of them had been resolved within 24 hours.

Some of the delays to transfer or discharge that were highlighted - and then solved - included waits for the results of a scan, IV training for a carer, patient transport; and a HomeSafe visit.

James Mullen, Project Administrator, said the role of the app added a vital dimension, helping to maximise the potential of the reviews thanks to its technology.

“Although in its infancy, the link-up between our Rapid Review visits, our TaskMan app, and our digital health control centre is already proving a successful partnership.

 “It’s a great example of three new initiatives coming together in unison to enhance patient care.

“Feedback from the wards has shown we are making a positive difference, especially approaching a weekend as well as amid winter pressures.”

One of the keys to the team’s success is that it brings together members from across the whole health and social care community, pooling a wealth of different insights and expertise.

A different member of the team chairs the ward review meetings each week.

The Rapid Review initiative differs from the Multi-Disciplinary Discharge Events (MADE) as it focuses on wider delays and issues, not just those connected to discharge. 

The development of the TaskMan app forms just one of more than 50 digital projects that have so far been turned into reality through our Global Digital Exemplar change programme. 

Launched as a six-month pilot project on six different medical and surgical wards in October, it relays real-time patient information for the first time to our digital health control centre - all at the touch of a button.

Armed with this information, the centre and our team of Flow Facilitators can immediately identify at-a-glance where our resources need to be best deployed across our wards and departments to unblock any hold-ups and improve the patient journey.

 ·  Pictured above (from left) are Rapid Review team members Vikki Allen (Lead Nurse, District Nursing); Michelle Bridson (Senior Manager ICD);  James Barham (CUR);  Linda Hanson (Discharge Facilitator); James Mullen (Project Administrator); Denise Watkins (IDT/Social Work Manager)


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