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In Touch Health 2

Virtual consultation equipment – Critical Care telehealth robot

System: IN Touch Health V2 Lite Robot

In Touch Health 7

Problem Statement

Fairfield Hospital ICU Staff requires urgent support from a Salford Senior ICU Consultant. 

Prior to use of In Touch Health Video technology, Senior ICU Clinicians would need to travel from Salford to Fairfield Hospital.

  • This model of working is to be used once COVID-19 Escalation scale had reached level 3.

  • The COVID-19 Escalation Scale is from Level 1-5. 

What was the solution?

"The In Touch Health V2 Lite Robot"

Using the IN Touch robotic system, you can connect from home or any off site location, via a computer, smart phone or tablet device, to a virtual consultation high definition camera within the hospital to get a crystal-clear and close up view of a patient.

The robot device, which is located in the clinical area, features a screen, speakers and a microphone to enhance a two-way link, equipping you with mobile eyes and ears.

The ‘driver’ can sit at home, or in another building, linking up to the robotic video device.

The "In Touch Health V2 Lite Robot” was located in the Hot Zone at ICU, Fairfield Hospital.  Meanwhile, the Senior ICU Consultant was located in the ICU Control Room at Salford Royal Hospital and was able to communicate with Fairfield Hospital using the In Touch Health V2 Lite Robot via laptops, tablets and smartphones.

What are the Benefits.


  • Ward Rounds in ICU at Fairfield Hospital can now be delivered with the Senior ICU Consultants located in a ‘Safe Haven’ at Salford.

  • This method eliminates the risk of the ICU Consultant contracting the COVID-19 Virus during the ward round 

Time Saving

  • Ward rounds at Fairfield Hospital can be delivered without senior staff having to travel from Salford to Bury.

Better Use of Resources

  • This solution helps maintains the level of care delivered with a diminishing staff compliment  once you have reached COVID-19 level 3

    Note: This was a tactical COVID-19 request.  This was a former GDE Project.



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